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I recently attended my first Cardiff Greenpeace meeting via zoom.

I’ve always been a keen supporter of our natural world. Having lived with environmental illness (EI) for many years I feel health and the environment we inhabit are intricately intertwined. The most powerful way forward is holding both in equal balance.

This week Greenpeace UK are holding a series of Campaigner Presentations. Zoom makes it possible to listen in the background in an ME/CFS friendly way, sitting at a distance from the computer if you suffer with electrosensitivity.

Greenpeace Greenwire

“Despite coronavirus being at the forefront of all of our minds, the climate emergency continues to be a massive challenge we face globally. At Greenpeace we’ve been working hard to figure out what this new context means for our campaigns, and what the best approach is to make sure that the world rebuilds in a way that works for both people and planet. 

We’re running a series of Campaigner Question and Answer sessions to talk about Greenpeace campaigning during this period and beyond, and the implications that the global health crisis may have on campaigning and policy moving forward. There are six sessions covering a variety of different topics, all related to Greenpeace campaigns. Don’t worry if you can’t make them all, they will be recorded and shared on Greenwire!”

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