Pabis / Poppies: Weeping Window



Photos: ceramic poppies @ The Senedd Juliette Llewellyn 08.08.17

Pabis / Poppies : Weeping Window (Paul Cummins / Tom Piper) has just opened around the corner from me in Y Senedd (The Senedd) (National Assembly of Wales). I saw the ceramic poppies at Tower Bridge from a distance in 2014, but this is the first time I had seen their intricacy close up.

Weeping Window comprises of the poppies unsold from Tower Bridge, which the steward tells me are currently distributed between here and Poppies: Wave in Plymouth. An accompanying Women, War and Peace exhibition inside The Senedd is also launching as I write, featuring the Welsh National Book of Remembrance and a reflection space.

Amazing what we stumble across on our doorstep!

I always find The Senedd a comfortable building in terms of access and allergies. Slate floors and locally sourced natural construction materials create a light, spacious and airy environment (more detail), helpful if you suffer with sensitivities.

Views across the bay from the sofas are highly restorative too!

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Dates: 08th August – 24th September 2017

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