Burghead Bay: Scotland

Burghead Bay

Photo: midway looking towards the Findhorn peninsula.

With the Scottish Referendum looming I was reminded of my first (and only so far!) trip to Scotland. It was a treasured journey as it was my first time in 14 years, due to ME/CFS  I had been able to spend a length of time by the sea.

Spent many days walking this beautiful stretch of beach along Burghead Bay. Situated along Scotland’s North Coast, east of Inverness. Burghead Bay overlooks the Moray Firth, a triangular inlet of the North Sea.

Massive moss-green stone blocks scattered are part of World War II coastal defences along the Moray coastline (although more intact structures can be seen at other points of the Bay).

Also whilst researching this post I just noticed the area is holding Findhorn Bay Arts Festival which is Scotland’s newest Art Festival at the end of September.

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