Vitamin Sea

Penarth Pier: Juliette Llewellyn 10.18

Penarth beach: Juliette Llewellyn 10.18

My apologies for lack of posts this past year – a combination of Masters work and ill health. Both have also meant travel outside of Cardiff has been on hold.

So, I’ve been grateful for local Penarth Pier trips with friends and family. It’s a chance to have some vitamin sea which always helps restore.

With ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia even small journeys are ‘travel’. Maybe not as most people think of it: i.e. travelling’ to various countries around the world. But we have to redefine what travel is for us.

Local trips give an expansive view, the sound of waves, feeling breeze on our skin and a sense of going somewhere outside our immediate environment. It helps to have gentle company too.

Such times make me grateful for humble pleasures and support to experience them.

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