Lonely Planet’s Accessible Travel Online Resources 2019

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Screenshot: Lonely Planet’s Accessible Travel Online Resources 2019.

My Blogger Profile!

I’m extremely proud to be profiled in this years Lonely Planet’s Accessible Travel Online Resources – 2019 EditionMartin Heng is the man behind this informative compilation and his hard work shines through.

This unique guide covers travelling with a wide range of limitations and is free to download from the Lonely Planet shop. It is a valuable accompaniment for those with disabilities or health conditions wishing to travel and also their companions.

In this third edition, Lonely Planet has profiled 11 international accessible travel bloggers. Each of us are interspersed between the information pages. I have read the other profiles with interest and I can recommend dipping in to read how we pursue our travel passions. I am on page 163/4, towards the end of the resource.

At the moment travel is on hold due a number of reasons but I am looking forward to start to be able to explore again soon. Although I often find myself answering tourist queries locally. Just this week I was sitting in looking out to sea in Cardiff Bay when a couple of Malaysians asked for a brief run down of the eateries in the bay and where would I recommend for local produce?

Such encounters keep my travel plans alive!

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