Blue Sunday 2021

Photo via M.E. myself and I

The Teaparty for M.E.

For many years during M.E. Awareness Week* Anna (founder of M.E myself and I) has organised the wonderful Blue Sunday. It is such a fantastic idea and I have participated the past few years, uploading a photo of my tea and chosen delicacy to twitter or instagram to participate.

This year has an international flavour as Anna is fundraisng for M.E. charities around the world; including UK, Ireland, South Africa and Australia. How to donate is listed here

So tomorrow, Sunday 16th May, I’m looking forward to participate again with something herbal, dairy-free and gluten-free.

Join in in whatever way suits you best & donate the price of tea and cake to an M.E charity!


Taken from M.E. myself and I

For the 9th year in a row, I’m hosting my Tea Party For M.E. for people with M.E. and their family and friends. I strongly believe that we need and deserve as dedicated day of fundraising, but also a day where we can come together to mark and celebrate our and our strength in the face of this cruel and life-altering disease.

On Sunday 16th May, people from all over the world will meet up online to chat and leave comments on each other’s posts. While doing so they’ll be enjoying tea and cake (or whatever their delicate digestive systems can manage) and donating what they can to M.E. charities and causes. We are so often excluded from events because our symptoms can make it so difficult for us to leave the house, let alone spend an hour or two at an event. That’s why the Tea Party For M.E. has always had an online/virtual element running alongside any Real Life tea parties.”

*M.E. Awareness Week is during M.E. Awareness Month and MCS Awareness Month

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